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In the main links (above navigation bar) of this home page, I have give links for Grade-1 to Grade-6. Each page contains Kanji list that are unique in that Grade. However, you should note that, the scope of higher grade includes all the lower grade Kanji as well.

When you start preparing, you will finish Grade-1 and move on to Grade-2. The syllabus in scope for Grade-2 technically has Grade-1 also.

So Grade-2 list is actually = Grade-1 Kanji list + Grade-2 Kanji list

Check the below links to access cumulative Kanji list

Grade-1 = 80 Kanji
Grade-2 (Grade-1 to Grade-2) = 240 Kanji
Grade-3 (Grade-1 to Grade-3) = 440 Kanji
Grade-4 (Grade-1 to Grade-4) = 640 Kanji
Grade-5 (Grade-1 to Grade-5) = 825 Kanji
Grade-6 (Grade-1 to Grade-6) = 1006 Kanji

Just to recall, total Kanji unique for each grade from Grade-1 to Grade-6 are 80, 160, 200, 200, 185 and 181 respectively.

All the best in learning and mastering Kanji.

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