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Japanese School Grade

School Grade-1 to Grade-3 Kanji

There are total of 440 Kanji for Grade-1 to Grade-3.

The Kanji lists are provided in a table that contains Kanji and its OnYomi, KunYomi and Meaning. OnYomi and KunYomi represents reading of a Kanji. In most of the cases, if a Kanji is used alone, then the KunYomi reading is used and if that Kanji is combined with another Kanji then OnYomi reading is used.

I have divided these Kanji into different groups.
This helped me learn faster and repeated revision in intervals helped retain the knowledge.

Logical Grouping of Kanji:
I have formed the below links with each link opens up a HTML page having a small set of Grade-1 to Grade-3 Japanese School grade Kanji that have something in common. Master these Kanjis by learning and memorizing each small groups.

Logical Grouping of Kanji Total Kanji
all 440
similar kanji 134
numbers 25
prefix-suffix 47
opposites 74
related-words 16
god 7
work 27
nature 62
week 9
time-period 17
directions 26
communicate 2
quality 1
people 19
family 12
body-parts 20
music 9
sense-feeling 12
education 47
place 27
city-country-governmnent 14
war 5
colors 7
animals 7
food 18
travel 28
shopping 8
money-matters 4
shape-size 17
others 14

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