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Japanese School Grade

School Grade-2 Kanji

There are total of 160 Kanji in Grade-2.

The Kanji lists are provided in a table that contains Kanji and its OnYomi, KunYomi and Meaning. OnYomi and KunYomi represents reading of a Kanji. In most of the cases, if a Kanji is used alone, then the KunYomi reading is used and if that Kanji is combined with another Kanji then OnYomi reading is used.

I have divided these Kanji into different groups.
This helped me learn faster and repeated revision in intervals helped retain the knowledge.

NOTE: The below list, which has 160 Kanji are unique to Grade-2 ONLY - meaning it is not cumulative of Grade-1 to Grade-2 Kanji. If you would like to access cumulative of Grade-1 to Grade-2 Kanji, click here.

Logical Grouping of Kanji:
I have formed the below links with each link opens up a HTML page having a small set of Grade-2 Japanese School grade Kanji that have something in common. Master these Kanjis by learning and memorizing each small groups.

Logical Grouping of Kanji Total Kanji
numbers 8
prefix-suffix 19
opposites 25
work 2
nature 17
week 2
time-period 10
directions 16
people 3
family 9
body-parts 6
music 3
education 25
place 10
city-country-governmnent 4
war 3
colors 3
animals 6
food 9
travel 13
shopping 3
money-matters 2
shape-size 10
god 2
related-words 3
similar kanji 36
others 3
all 160

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