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Kanji related to Law

I have grouped a small set of 24 Japanese School Grade-5 Kanji that are related to Law

All these words have some similarity or they are related to other Kanji in meaning. We remember things by seeing the similarity or relation. Hence the grouping. Please note some Kanji may get repeated in other groups for the same reason.

This is an easy milestone to cross. Let us get started.

List of School Grade-5 Kanji that are related to Law

# Kanji Meaning OnYomi KunYomi
649 Preserve Ho Tamo-Tsu
650 Discipline Shū Osa-Meru
657 Judge Han Waka-Ru
658 Control Sei
703 Condition Tai
705 Acquiesce Shō Uketamawa-Ru
715 Circumstances Ko Yue
717 Cut Off Dan Ta-Tsu, Kotowa-Ru
721 Clause Kudari
723 Investigate Sa
726 Examine Ken
729 Compare Hi Kura-Beru
752 Certain Kaku Tashi-Ka
755 Prohibition Kin
770 Guilt Zai Tsumi
772 Righteousness Gi
787 Permit Kyo Yuru-Su
788 Evidence Shō Akashi
791 Apologize Sha Ayama-Ru
792 Discriminating Shiki
793 Safeguard Go Mamo-Ru
797 Blame Seki Se-Meru
802 Approve San
817 Limit Gen Kagi-Ru

Now you have completed learning them - Congrats. This is a "small success" and a step ahead to completing all School Grade-5 Japanese Kanji

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