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Japanese School Grade

All foreigners who wanted to learn Japanese language typically end up with JLPT syllabus.
This is good in a way that JLPT certification opens up many opportunities.

However, to learn Japanese faster and to better remember what you have learned you will have to use different methods and exploit all the ways possible to learn Japanese language.

One way to do is, mastering Kanji learning, using the Japanese school grade syllabus.

In this website, you can learn about 1,006 Kanji as per the Japanese school grade syllabus from Grade-1 to Grade-6.

The Kanji are grouped into small sets on similarities of meaning, category etc... so that we associate and remember naturally.

You can browse this site for all the 1006 School grade Kanji.
Grade 1 - 80 Kanji
Grade 2 - 160 Kanji
Grade 3 - 200 Kanji
Grade 4 - 200 Kanji
Grade 5 - 185 Kanji
Grade 6 - 181 Kanji
All - 1006 Kanji

If going through Grade by Grade is too much to learn at one instance, you can start to learn from One Kanji after another. Browse all the 1,006 school grade Kanji at my Kanji dictionary site.

If you are interested in JLPT level Kanji, check out my JLPT site.

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